Antigua FAQ

How do I Bid on a boat?

We always encourage potential bidders/buyers to view the vessel personally or have their agent inspect it for you prior to bidding. BE SURE to take into consideration ADDITIONAL COSTS to you, such as buyers fees, loading, transportation, etc.

To get the necessary forms (BOAT YARD INFORMATION & RELEASE FORM for VIEWING), go directly to our websites: or or, click on LISTINGS, scroll to the item you are interested in, then click on VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS.

After its been determined you would like to proceed:

1) Print out the Bid Form (3 pages)
2) Read and complete each page of the Bid Forms
3) A ‘good faith deposit’ is required:

  • $1,000 for bids $10,000 to $100,000
  • $10,000 for bids over $100,000

4) Email or Fax the Bid Forms to the Listing Broker at:

RI Office: or Fax: 401-737-0200

MA Office:
or Fax: 508-473-2021

SC Office: or Fax: 888-887-7160

For any questions regarding how to determine a bid amount, please contact the Listing Broker.

Once the Listing Broker begins the auction, he will contact each registered bidder to advise them of the current high bid. At that time, the bidder has the option raise their bid higher or drop out of the auction.

*This is an ‘Open Bid’ auction, which means the current high bid is available upon request.

*If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it from

Does the marina allow to work on the boats?

The marina will quote and/or approve on any work to be done on site. General parts, fiberglass, resin and etc. are available through the yard. Also, there is a “Budget Marine” store at the Marina to purchase supplies.

Is insurance needed to work on a boat in the marina?

Buyers need to ask the marina directly about insurance. It is believed that if the owner insures a captain and crew, then the insurance would allow the owner to list North Shore Marina as additional insured, but buyer must verify with the marina.

Does the marina have a crane or lift on site?

The yard is capable of lifting the vessels and moving them back to the water. It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange to have these services done. The marina offers a variety of services, 150 Ton travel lift, Hydraulic trailer and a very large Crane for lifts onto a barge from dockside. Buyer must check marina’s website for pricing.

What are the storage rates after the purchase? Daily, Monthly

Buyer must check marina’s website for pricing.

Does the marina have a service department?

It is up to the buyer, to arrange work and services done at the marina. Buyer must check marina’s website for pricing.

When will the boats be sold?

The vessels are being posted online, and all paperwork should be all cleared up and ready to sell in by the end of May.

What is the minimun bid?

There is not a minimun bid, we suggest you inspect the vessels in person and then contact the selling broker to find out what the bid is at that time, the bids change daily.

Can they be bought before the auction?

NO, all boats will be sold through the Auction Process.

Do we have transport available?

Certified Sales / Yacht salvage does not advise or arrange transport on or off the island, it is up to the buyers to find a transported via water or ship / barge. Buyer’s can find some vendors on Useful Information section located at the bottom of the Antigua Inventory listing.

Are there any hotels in the area?

There is ample lodging in and around the island. We advise checking Airbnb, Home Away and others for condo rentals. It is now off season so rates are lower. If a buyer brings in help plan on renting a condo, it will be your most reasonable alternative. The Island is relatively small and once one gets his or her bearings, travel is easy. The marina is about a 1/2 hour from the city of St John and the Airport. The airport facility is one of the best in the Caribbean and Rental cars are there. Other Auto rentals, both private and larger companies, are scattered throughout the major cities and ports.

Do the vessels have salvage titles or documentation?

Boats will have “Bill of Sale” and deletion letters are being processed. It is up to the buyer to go forward. No salvage titles are issued in Antigua.

Will there be taxes due at the time of sale?

Certified Sales, Inc / Yachtsalvage is not responsible for collecting any taxes in regards to the sale of these vessels. Buyers need to check with their governing state or country. It was mentioned to us that as long as the boats are repaired and then removed from Antigua there is no tax. If repaired and then the vessel is listed and registered in Antigua, then the buyer is responsible for whatever taxes that would normally apply in Antigua. It is buyer responsibility to verify with governing authorities.

Are there any additional parts that are not with the vessels, possibly in storage?

Vessels are sold AS- IS , As-Seen at the storage lot in Antigua. Some items have been removed from the boats and placed in storage at the marina. Be sure to check with the marina to confirm which items are stored in the building.

How long do we have to pay for the vessel after the sale?

Payment is required to be wire transferred into Certified Sales / YachtSalvage account within 24 hours of the closing of the auction.

What is the bidding process, how does the auction work?

All buyers wishing to place a bid, will need to go onto the listing web page, fill out an official Bid Form and email or fax to the broker, making sure to sign all pages. Send with “Bid Form” the appropriate good faith deposit. Winning Bidder must arrange full payment within 24 hours and all other deposits will be returned.

Bid Good Faith Deposit – All Yachts in Antigua the following is required:

  • $1,000 for bids $10,000 to $100,000
  • $10,000 for bids over $100,000

Do you need to be present to bid?

No, the bids are collected. Once the vessel is ready to be sold, the vessel will be posted on the website as ” Closing Soon “. The broker will be contacting all qualified bidders. Bidding is completed by phone and/or email.

What is the amount of deposit needed to place a bid?

$1,000.00 good faith deposit with a credit card, or wire transfer. Deposit return in good faith to all bidders that are out bid at the auction

Can you place one deposit on more than one boat?

Yes, the $1,000.00 good faith deposit can be place on more than one vessel if bidding on mutable vessels.

Does each person need to present a viewing instruction form to enter the Marina?

Yes, anyone planning on inspecting the vessels in person, will need to fill out a viewing waiver from CSI / Yachtsalvage website. Prospective buyers and each Guest with the buyer MUST fill out a release form and present it to the office at the marina.

Is there any way to follow the current bids?

Bids can be followed by contacting the broker of the vessel weekly.

What is an Insurance Salvage or Private Salvage Boat?

Insurance Salvage or Private Salvage Boats, are vessels that suffered DAMAGE, such as a collision, sinking, fire, etc.

Salvage Boats offer anyone handy, a fantastic opportunity to purchase a boat for significantly less than retail value. Many buyers re-sell the boats after repair; others keep the boats for their personal use.

It’s important to note that buying salvage is a good idea if you plan to do, at least, some of the work yourself, and you are ready to get your hands dirty!

All Salvage items are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS

We offer absolutely no warrantee on any function of the boat. While there is a risk in buying salvage, surveyors and repairers can offer valuable opinions. But don’t be afraid – this could be your opportunity to own the boat you’ve always dreamed about, for less than you ever expected!

Please also note, that it is often difficult (but not impossible) to secure financing for a salvage vessel.

Does / Certified Sales Inc. list other boats?

Absolutely! Visit to look at the others! As you will see, this site is not only for the “unusual” boats. We sell many perfect, or near-perfect boats…that don’t require much work and are selling under normal brokerage situations. You may find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Does / Certified Sales Inc. provide financing?

No, we do not provide financing. However, we can direct you to a lender who will assist you. Occasionally, the seller is willing to provide financing for the boat. If that applies, we will inform you.

Does / Certified Sales Inc. take trade-ins?

Nope. However, we are more than happy to help you sell your boat!
“Big or Small, we sell them all!”

What is a survey? How can I find a surveyor?

Certified Sales Inc., the provider of this website, is an affiliate member of both SAMS and NAMS, two national associations of Marine Surveyors. Both organizations can provide extensive information regarding the importance of a survey, its uses in the boat-buying and -selling process, and the names of local surveyors across the country.

How do I secure insurance for a (damaged) boat?

There are many different insurance companies available to protect your new marine purchase. If you need assistance finding one, please contact us.