How do I bid on a Boat?

  1. Find the listing you are interested in and get a specific bid form using theBID NOW   or Place your BID button on the page.
  2. Input your information, scroll down and click the button ‘ Submit Electronic Bid at the end of the page.
  3. After you submit your form you will be able to see the generated Bid Form on your screen
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of your Bid Form attached.
  5. Either, mail your Good Faith Deposit along with a copy of your Bid Form to the Broker Address listed in the print out Bid Form or request a Credit Card Authorization Form from the Listing Broker.

We highly recommend that you or your agent(s) view the boat personally before making a bid.

If you have questions about guidance on the bidding process or what to bid, please call the Listing Broker

Once your form is received, we will then contact the Seller (Charity, private owner, insurance company, or bank) of the boat, and present your Bid. If there are other bids, we will contact everyone with an outstanding bid on the boat, and give them the opportunity to raise their bids. Once your bid is received and filed, we will keep you informed of this process.

If you prefer you could also print out our traditional generic BID FORM. Read and complete the bid form and email or fax to the below listed email addresses or fax numbers.

Print the bid form, read the entire bid form, sign the two pages, and send the form to us at:

Questions about our Bidding Process?

Learn more about the bidding process here.

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