Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Bid on a boat?

We always encourage potential bidders/buyers to view the vessel personally or have their agent inspect it for you prior to bidding. BE SURE to take into consideration ADDITIONAL COSTS to you, such as buyers fees, loading, transportation, etc.

To get the necessary papers (BOAT YARD INFORMATION & RELEASE FORM for VIEWING), go directly to our LISTINGS, scroll to the item you are interested in, then click on VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS.

To learn much more about the bidding process, please visit our Bidding Process page for all the details.

What is an Insurance Salvage or Private Salvage Boat?

Insurance Salvage or Private Salvage Boats, are vessels that suffered DAMAGE, such as a collision, sinking, fire, etc.

Salvage Boats offer anyone handy, a fantastic opportunity to purchase a boat for significantly less than retail value. Many buyers re-sell the boats after repair; others keep the boats for their personal use.

It’s important to note that buying salvage is a good idea if you plan to do, at least, some of the work yourself, and you are ready to get your hands dirty!

All Salvage items are sold AS-IS, WHERE-IS

We offer absolutely no warrantee on any function of the boat. While there is a risk in buying salvage, surveyors and repairers can offer valuable opinions. But don’t be afraid – this could be your opportunity to own the boat you’ve always dreamed about, for less than you ever expected!

Please also note, that it is often difficult (but not impossible) to secure financing for a salvage vessel.

What kind of boats are listed on

When our company was founded, Yacht originally advertised vessels that were selling under what one would consider “unusual circumstances”, such as: Repossession, Insurance Salvage or simply that the owner had a strong desire to sell the boat quickly (Private Salvage / Private Liquidation).

As our business evolved, we have added Brokerage and Theft Recovery Boats.

Regardless of the selling circumstances, offers buyers access to the photos and descriptions necessary to make preliminary evaluations. To sellers, we offer an extremely high traffic web site, known internationally.

Quick Definition: Insurance Salvage

Damaged Boats sold by an Insurance Company, attempting to recoup some of their loss.

Quick Definition: Repo

Repossessed vessels; financial institution attempting to recoup some of their loss.

Quick Definition: Two-Boat-Owner

A Private Seller, who has already purchased a new boat, and is selling his/her old one.

Quick Definition: Donation

Certified Sales is the designated Broker for a number of Charities. Once a boat is donated CSI markets and sells the boat for the Charity. The Gross Sale price (less expenses) are then remitted to the Charity.

Does Certified Sales Inc. list other boats?

Absolutely! Visit to look at the others! As you will see, this site is not only for the “unusual” boats. We sell many perfect, or near-perfect boats…that don’t require much work and are selling under normal brokerage situations. You may find one that fits your needs perfectly!

Does Certified Sales Inc. provide financing?

No, we do not provide financing. However, we can direct you to a lender who will assist you. Occasionally, the seller is willing to provide financing for the boat. If that applies, we will inform you.

Does Certified Sales Inc. take trade-ins?

Nope. However, we are more than happy to help you sell your boat!
“Big or Small, we sell them all!”

What is a survey? How can I find a surveyor?

Certified Sales Inc., the provider of this website, is an affiliate member of both SAMS and NAMS, two national associations of Marine Surveyors. Both organizations can provide extensive information regarding the importance of a survey, its uses in the boat-buying and -selling process, and the names of local surveyors across the country.

How do I secure insurance for a (damaged) boat?

There are many different insurance companies available to protect your new marine purchase. If you need assistance finding one, please contact us.